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Engineering Support Units

Pavement Design Solutions

The objective of the Pavement Design Solutions Unit is to select and design pavements (flexible or rigid) that best accommodate current and predicted traffic needs in a safe, durable and cost effective manner.

Jeffrey Mann, Civil Engineer Office: 505-827-3245 jeffreys.Mann@state.nm.us
Room 224 1120 Cerrillos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149

Bridge Design Bureau

The Bridge Design Bureau provides structural design services that result in cost effective, functional, durable and safe bridges and structures for transportation projects. The Bureau generates bridge/structural scoping reports, designs bridge and structural drawings and develops and furnishes bridge and structural standards and specifications.

Shane W.R. Kuhlman, P.E., Bureau Chief Phone: 505-469-1542 Shane.Kuhlman@state.nm.us

1120 Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe, NM 87505

Bridge Management Section

The NMDOT Bridge Management Section is located in the General Office in Santa Fe and is part of the Bridge Bureau. The Section is responsible for managing the State’s bridge and culvert infrastructure. This includes coordinating the inspection of all public roadway bridges in the State of New Mexico, reviewing and approving overload permits and managing and coordinating bridge rehabilitation efforts. The Section is also responsible for railroad bridge management along the NMRX system from Belen to Lamy.

1120 Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe, NM 87505

Jeff Vigil, State Bridge Management Engineer (Bridge Managment Issues and Primary Liasion with Federal and External Agencies) Office: 505-490-2699 jeff.vigil@state.nm.us

Gary Kinchen, State Bridge Load Rating Engineer (Bridge Load Rating, Weight Limit Posting & Proposed Utility Additions to Existing Bridges) Office: 505-827-9891 gary.kinchen@state.nm.us

Ben Najera, State Railroad Bridge Engineer (NM Railrunner Bridge Issues) Office: 505-629-5761 ben.najera@state.nm.us

Mohammad Tahat, Assistant Bridge Load Rating Engineer (Bridge Load Rating & Bridge Scour) cell: 505-629-8302 Mohammad.Tahat@state.nm.us

Joseph Valdez, Data Management Analyst cell: 505-795-3098 joseph.valdez@state.nm.us

Vicky DeAguero, Route Analyst (Overweight/Oversize Vehicles) Office: 505-795-4317 Cell:  505-490-5746 Vicky.DeAguero@state.nm.us

Carlos (Chuck) Vigil, Engineering Technician IV (Bridge Management & Bridge Preservation) Cell:  505-795-5311, Carlos.Vigil2@state.nm.us

Traffic Technical Support Bureau

The Bureau is responsible for providing traffic engineering leadership and expertise to provide for a safe and efficient transportation system. The Bureau manages the State Access Management Manual which details the administrative procedures and engineering methods used by the NMDOT to actively manage access to and from the state highway system. The Bureau assures compliance with design regulations and policies by managing related standard drawings and specifications related to all traffic and transportation elements.

Afshin Jian, P.E., Manager Office: 505-827- 5490 afshin.jian@state.nm.us

1120 Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe, NM 87505

Drainage Design Bureau

The vision of the Drainage Bureau is to provide the design of safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally sensitive drainage systems that collect and convey surface water runoff within and through the transportation system.

NMDOT is a permitee in the EPA’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program. The Drainage Bureau is responsible for offering technical assistance for permit compliance in U.S. Census Bureau determined Urbanized Areas throughout the state. This program is designed to reduce pollutants (including trash, sediments, and contaminants) carried by stormwater runoff to our natural waterways. As part of this program an Illicit Discharge Information and Reporting Form (available through the link on the right) was developed. Also as part of this program NMDOT incorporates Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Development (LID) into its designs when feasible.

Burke Lokey, Drainage Design Manager Office: 505.660.5614 Burke.Lokey@state.nm.us

1120 Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe, NM 87505-7500