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Strategic Planning / Asset Management


The Office of Strategic Planning and Asset Management Divisions provides the expertise and resources to support performance based management and to use data in improving project decision making to increase the accountability and transparency of the NMDOT.  Implementation of a Transportation Asset Management Plan that meets new Federal performance management requirements is key to improving our transportation system to meet the mobility and access needs of the individual and business users.  The Planning and Traffic Safety Division and Asset Management Division are within this Office.

Tamara P. Haas, P.E.

S. Lee Rosen, Staff Manager
Office: 505-827-5203

Planning and Traffic Safety

Mike Sandoval, Director
Office 505-827-0427

Asset Management Division

The Asset Management Division consists of the Pavement Management and Design Bureau and the Maintenance Management Section.  This Division is responsible for data reporting and data management that is used in the agency performance measures that are key to the agency Transportation Asset Management Plan.

Tamara P. Haas, P.E.

Maintenance Management Section

This Section is responsible for management of highway maintenance performance data and ensuring the data entered into the maintenance management database meets the department quality assurance requirements.  The Section is also responsible for federal reporting of maintenance data.

Walter Adams, Management Analyst
Office 505-827-5451

Phillip Montoya, Management Analyst
Office 505-827-5205

Camille Valdez, Management Analyst
Office 505-827-5489

Wayne Vigil, Management Analyst
Office 505-827-6849

Pavement Management and Design

The objective of the Pavement Design Solutions Unit is to select and design pavements (flexible or rigid) that best accommodate current and predicted traffic needs in a safe, durable and cost effective manner.

Jeffrey Mann, Civil Engineer
Office: 505-827-3245

Room 224 1120 Cerrillos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149