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New Mexico Department of Transportation Maps

We have several maps on-line for your convenience.

Please Note: Some of these maps are very large in file size. The size in megabytes (MB) or kilobytes (KB) is listed for each map. For the larger files, you may wish to right-click (Command + Click for Macintosh) on the link and choose "Save Target As..."

To order a copy of the New Mexico State Road Map:
Call (505) 827-5100 or send an e-mail to: NMDOT.StateRoadMap@state.nm.us.

Map Title: Format Size Type
State Road Map PDF 4.31 MB Traveler
New Mexico Rest Areas External Link N/A Traveler
New Mexico Scenic Byways PDF 6 MB
New Mexico Railroads PDF 6.13 MB Traveler
New Mexico Airports External Link N/A  
U.S. Geological Survey - National Map External Link N/A Traveler
National Atlas External Link N/A Traveler
New Mexico Dept. of Trans. District Boundaries PDF 6 MB  
New Mexico Mile Post Map PDF 3.12 MB  
New Mexico Dept. of Trans. Project Offices PDF 2.81 MB  
New Mexico Dept. of Trans. Patrol Yards PDF 2 MB  
Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations (MPO/RPO) PDF 4.13 MB  
NMDOT General Office Complex Map PDF 295 KB