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Approved Products List

Current Approved Products List (APL)

Current Approved Products List (APL) with Restrictions

Redi-Rock Retaining Wall System

Tensar ARES Retaining Wall System

Soil Sement (Dust and Erosion Control Agent)

Daratard Pave 30 Type D

Concrete Block Revetment Manufacturing

Products Under Field Evaluation

Products Approved for Field Evaluation

Expired Product List

Products Previously Approved Which Have Expired

Products on this list can be utilized on NMDOT Projects until next update at which time the list will be purged.

For Information Contact:

Anise Valdez (Product Evaluation Coordinator)

Email: anise.valdez@state.nm.us

Voice: (505) 476-3116

Michael Vigil (Maintenance Operations Engineer)

Email: mike.vigil@state.nm.us

Voice: (505) 827-5393